The Last Faberge’s: The Limelighter Affair

In all the annals of history there have been great deeds done by virtuous men. But, too many times the good that was done is violently obliterated and obscured by villainous acts perpetrated by the evil intentions of those who thirst for power, control and wealth. And, so begins the most diabolical plot for global domination in the history of man. The year was 1307 King Philip of France desperately needed money and both he and Pope Clement realized that the Templar Knights order had amassed huge fortunes ever since their humble beginnings. Together they set out to take down the order of the Templar Knights and confiscate every last bit of their vast fortunes.

When Jacques de Molay received word that King Phillip of France had issued warrants for their arrest the grand marshal of the Templar Knights quickly set in motion an escape plan for the Templar’s vast treasures. From the port of La Rochelle where 18 ships were outfitted the knights quickly smuggled out of their headquarters of Champagne their vast wealth. By 1313 on Friday the13th King Philip started arresting many of the Templar Knights that were still in France. For over two hundred years the Templar Knights were trusted guardians of the Pope, the Catholic Church and the monarchies of Europe. But, all that changed by the greed of King Philip and Pope Clement V.

The Templar Knights vast treasure has captivated man ever since that fateful day of Friday the 13th in 1313. Historians can only theorize how the Knights managed to smuggle treasures dating back to antiquity out of France in a time of great peril. The one clue to where this treasure lies is in a manuscript hat has been hidden for centuries. When people think about recent theories such as the legend of Oak Island or the castles in Scotland that could hold significant clues if not treasures themselves we have always overlooked the one piece of the puzzle that would solve the mystery of the Templar Knights Fortune. That is until it took Professor Swartz efforts on decoding what is now known as the Voynich Manuscript.

By the 12th century the Templar Knights had found the hidden location of Alexander the Greats tomb. But, in order to keep others from finding the tomb Jocques Rene one of the few Templar Knights that was proficient in devising secret coded messages purposely set out to record a secret manuscript that no one would be able to decipher except a Templar Knight. This ingenious plan to hide the original contents using codes that only a designated Templar would be able to decipher cemented the legacy of the whereabouts of the Templar Knights fortune. A secret that was hidden for centuries. For the next four hundred years the remaining Templar’s assimilated into other orders such as the Freemasons or the Illuminate. All that time the codes for the original manuscript was handed down to one designated descendant of the order of the Knights Templar. In the years and centuries that followed the Templar’s manuscript was often seen or sold but no one could actually understand it’s contents.

In 1907 Vladimere Kurshev a descendant of the order of the Knights Templar was already a confidant of Nicholas II. He was the one designated Templar Knight who had possession of the codes to the original Templar’s manuscript. When World War I broke out Vladimere knew that Nicholas II was failing the people of Russia. By 1916 he realize the Tsar was in serious trouble. Trying to convince Nicholas to hide his vast fortune before the country revolted Nicholas relented and gave Vladimere complete charge to smuggle his fortune out of Russia. Little did Nicholas realize his whole families fate was already in motion. Out of Russia and recorded in the codes enclosed in what is now known as the Voynich Manuscript were the location of the Tsar’s vast fortune, the location of Alexander The Greats Tomb and where the lost city of Atlantis lies. As the Bolsheviks overtook the Kremlin and captured the Romanoff family Vladimere had little time to find another member of the Order of Templar’s to pass along the codes and the manuscript. Fortunately, he managed to escape to the foot hills of Afghanistan. The secret to the whereabouts of the Templar’s treasure just vanished and faded into history.

Present Day:

Was it luck or chance that Tom Hardy never made it to the airport in time to join the Swartz’s expedition we will probably never know. But, for Tom a second chance of solving one of histories greatest mysteries and one of today’s most hideous crimes is all it took to get him back to the airport in time. It has been two weeks since Tom first got word of the Professors murder and now Tom was starting to pick up the pieces of just why Professor Swartz and the rest of his expedition were murdered in the foothills of Northern Afghanistan. The ill-fated journey in search of the Nicholas II treasure now sparked a renewed interest to find what the Professor found and bring those responsible for the murder of his whole expedition to justice.

Tom Hardy, the last remaining protégé of Professor Swartz now realized the importance of the Professor’s work. It was Professor Swartz who happened to stumble upon the Voynich Manuscript on his most recent trip to Afghanistan. With the help of Notre Dame’s Archaeology Department’s Professor Sue Altworth a linguistics expert and Dr. Harry Cohen, professor of Jewish history will retrace Professor Swartz steps in Afghanistan to find exactly what the professor found and had hoped to find.

As they boarded their private jet the excitement of a journey of a lifetime soon turned into a sober realization that they were headed in territory filled with unexpected dangers. Among their belongings was a copy of the Voynich Manuscript where Dr. Altworth soon discovered what the Professor was really looking for. Upon closer inspection of this manuscript they unearthed hidden codes from which the rest of the Manuscript could be deciphered. Now, it became clear of the importance of what the Swartz expedition was searching for. And,it wasn’t just to find the treasure of Nicholas II either. The Voynich Manuscript with part of the codes that Professor Swartz discovered they would be able to reveled the location of Alexander The Great’s tomb, the Templar’s treasure, and the location of the Lost City of Atlantis.

As their jet soared into the heavens Sue turning to one of the pages in the Voynich Manuscript ” Look this is what we are looking for. It reads the Tomb of the Great Alexander lies under three hills of ascending heights each one is ten cubits higher than the next. This is what the Professor was searching for. This Voynich manuscript has been the key all along to finding histories most elusive mysteries. The expedition to Northern Afghanistan was just a cover for the real reason why Professor Swartz was actually trying to find.” Tom putting down his glass “The head of the Archaeology Department must have known what the Professor was trying to find for he too deciphered this manuscript but feared if word ever got out would instigate a global treasure hunt that would only prove disastrous.” In the end it really did prove disastrous for the Swartz expedition.

Little does the Hardy expedition know the dangers that await and what finding the truth behind the murder of Professor Swartz will have on the survival of mankind. It is back in Washington under tight security at Andrews Air Force Base aboard Air Force One that President Smith is meeting with his closet advisors on the latest developments in Saudi Arabia. The recent terrorist attack have brought many Arab nations together where one more attack would send the world into chaos. The disaster in Mecca was stealthy planned, coordinated and executed has now made it clear that there really is no safe haven.

Already on board Air Force One was the Secretary of State, General Wiscoft and two secret service agents, Lenny and Hugh. As President Smith handed each one a sealed document “People we are on the verge of going to defcon 4. President Boris Sadinski and I now know that the attack on Mecca came from a sub somewhere in the western Indian Ocean. General I am assigning Lenny and Hugh to your staff. You got to find that sub. When you get to Cairo your Russian counterparts will join you. God speed men.” With that the three men left Air Force One and boarded a waiting jet bound for Cairo.

As the Hardy expedition landed in Kabul a US armed transport was waiting. Under tight security the three along with five members of US marines headed toward Professors Swartz last location. Turning to face Sue Tom now putting on bullet proof vest “Just imagine we are on the verge of actually solving one of histories most elusive mysteries. All my life I have been intrigued by Alexander The Great’s final resting place and here we are thanks to the Voynich Manuscript which thankfully you managed to decode much of what is written. And, yet there is so much more that needs to be decoded. I wonder how many more mysteries lie just waiting to be solved that this book holds.”

Back in Washington Col. Limelighter the acting head of the National Intelligence Agency received a direct order form President Smith to contact the Hardy expedition and warn them of possible terrorists that have active cells in and around the location of where Professor Swartz was. Col. Limelighter knew instinctively that the attack on Professor Swartz was more than a random act of terrorism. Putting two and two together the attack on Mecca. and the Swartz murders were just too coincidental. Those well coordinated assaults triggered Col. Limelighter into realizing that President Smith was right. A splinter organization was trying to bring the world’s democracies tumbling down.

On Friday the 13th 2020 as the world grapples with a Global Pandemic, an atomic bomb that exploded in Mecca two weeks earlier and the Swartz murder has sent the rest of the world into chaos. When Professor Sue Altworth further deciphers the coded messages she stumbles upon the realization of why Professor Swartz was murdered. Right in front of Tom and Dr, Cohen, Sue revealed the map to where the Templars treasure was and another map to where the Romanoff’s fortune lies. The third map that was uncovered must be the location of Atlantis Sue reveled. If Sue could decipher these codes surely the terrorists that raided Professor Swartz would have access as well. A race to capture these hidden riches was no on.

The call to Col. Limelighter from Tom Hardy sent the wheels in motion for a massive effort to mobilize a special armed forces unit to the Island of Malta. There under two temples on the outskirts of Zurreg lies the treasures of the ages. The templars left the port of La Rochelle and sailed to Malta with treasures dating back to the time of Alexander the Great. In 1917 with the help of loyalists to Nicholas II Vladimere smuggled out of Russia Nicholas his vast fortune. Vadimere would go to Afghanistan while the treasure would be transported to Malta. All for diversion to keep the location and destination a secret. There under the temple of Hagar Qim lies the greatest treasures in the history of the world. Little did Col. Limelighter realize that opposing forces were already in transit.

Pope Gregory the V, General Vadimar Slothcolf and Cardinal Sabestain the masterminds behind the intentional unleashing of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the dropping of the atomic bomb on Mecca and the murder of Professor Swartz. These were all premeditated for the sole purpose to destabilize the world and confiscate the riches that have remained hidden for centuries A plot so sinister with the riches of the world behind them global domination was assured.

The forces of good verses evil were now converging on the island of Malta. The race was on to capture the wealth of the world that remained so elusive. Tom Hardy and Professor Sue Altworth along with Dr.Cohen were en route to Malta. Col. Limelighter now in command with a special forces was already setting up a base on the south side of Malta a few miles away from the temple of Hagar Qim, Within hours the armed forces of General Vadimar Slothcolf arrived on the north side of the island. Under the cover of the night Tom, Sue and Dr. Cohen were combing through the inner tunnels under the temple. As violence erupted above under a trap door was an passage way that was untouched for a hundred years leading to a cavern laden with historical artifacts, gold,silver, emeralds and relics of intrusive value. So vast was this find Tom realized it would take a convoy of at least 100 semi’s to transport all that was found. Dr. Cohen put a estimate on the value of this historic find and told Tom and Sue this treasure trove of treasures was worth at least $1 trillion US dollars. With that kind of financial backing if this fortune were to fall in evil hands the world will be forever enclosed in darkness.

Within hours Col Limelighter found Tom, Sue and Dr. Cohen standing in what will become an historic landmark that will go down as the greatest find in the history of the world and yelled it is time to get this loot to a safe haven. President Smith along with the Russian President Boris Sadinski were now landing in Italy to confront Pope Gregory. In just a matter of hours the world realized just how close humanity came to being subjected to the tyrannical rule of an insane Pope. Within days the Pope and Cardinal Sabestain were excommunicated and exiled to Snake Island. President Boris Sadinski was now able to arrest General Vadimar Slothcoff. The plot to undermine the worlds democracies was thwarted. The vaccine for the Pandemic was now well on it’s way to stabilize humanity and the rest of the terrorists cells were now within reach of being eradicated.

A week later Tom, Sue and Dr. Cohen along with Col Limelighter were invited to the White House. At the Smithsonian in a special Building was the most impressive display of treasured artifacts the world has ever seen. Raising a glass of Champaign President Smith congratulated all on their brave efforts in a time of great peril in securing the future of mankind and preventing the greatest find in the history of man from falling into the wrong hands.

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